With over 60 years of industry experience, DAL is a global specialist in the application of a range of protective coatings against metal degradation.

Coating is at the core of what we do. Our team of dedicated experts are committed to providing innovative and flexible coating solutions for new clean energy & hydrogen generation applications, life extensions applications and wear coatings for industrial products.

We are continually investing in new processes and equipment which allow us to provide the very best coatings for our customers.

Our coating range is complemented by our unrivalled processing capabilities, expertise and strong technical services.

Our head office, R&D, engineering and processing facility is centralised and based in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, UK.

Our History

We have been supplying diffusion coating services for over 60 years. In 1955 the Company became the first company world-wide to launch chromising as a commercial industrial diffusion coating.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, DAL was a front runner in the aviation industry, licensing patents to Rolls Royce and forming a joint venture company with Chromalloy, Turbine Services Limited which was subsequently sold. The JV carried out turbine refurbishment for every major European airline.

In the 1990s DAL was an early entrant into large component diffusion coatings for the process industries, through it facility in Middlesbrough UK.

In 2012, the company began a new chapter in its history with its acquisition by Hephaestus Holdings Ltd, triggering a new wave of investment into people, processes, and customer development. The renewed focus on R&D enabled the development of opportunities in new emerging applications for diffusion coatings, most notably in early stage clean technologies which identified diffusion coatings as a critical process to prevent and restrict corrosion mechanisms and extend life of operating units.

In 2019, Diffusion Alloys was acquired by Time to ACT Ltd (formerly GreenSpur Renewables Ltd) which enabled the company to firmly define its vision of delivering a path towards net zero. In early 2022, DAL completed its major organisational streamlining and re-alignment to support this vision with the opening of a new facility on its existing site in Middlesbrough, UK and the centralisation of all R&D, technical and engineering excellence and process capabilities in one location.

Diffusion Alloys is now stridently looking forward to the role it can play in supporting its customers in achieving net zero technology solutions in energy generation, energy storage and hydrogen production.

Industry Experience

We have decades of experience in coatings for the industrial gas turbine market and the oil, gas and process industries and have developed a leading position in diffusion coating for clean technology applications.

Our coatings are used to protect against metal dusting, sulfidation, coking, oxidation, chromium leech and hydrogen permeation. We can aluminise, chromise and boronise the widest size range of components of any company in the world from components measuring in the millimetres up to 18 metres long. We have developed processes that can cope with complex and intricate internal and external geometries and have built up data and process know-how on diffusion coating across a vast array of carbon, stainless steels and nickel alloys.

We produce coatings to conform with industry standards, but welcome our customers from around the world that come to us with a metal degradation challenge. We work in partnership to develop a coating solution specific to their requirements.

We work with the following industries:

  • Hydrogen generation.
  • Solid oxide fuel cells.
  • Solid oxide electrolysis.
  • Energy storage.
  • Next generation nuclear.
  • Methane, ammonia, syngas, methanol, petrol refining & iron ore production.
  • Oil & gas drilling: wear protection.
  • Turbo machinery.
  • Automotive.

Health & Safety & Environment

DAL considers the Health & Safety of its employees, customers, visitors and the general public to be of prime importance. We take an ethical approach to our environmental responsibility & waste management.

We are committed to a programme of no accidents and no injuries on our sites, engaging professional support and active employee involvement in all our Health & Safety activities.

At the heart of our ethical approach to business is a commitment to a goal of net zero by evaluating and investing in new equipment and processes that reduce our carbon footprint and capture our waste heat.

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact also by:

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental legislation & standards.
  • Using only accredited contractors to dispose of our waste.
  • Carrying out internal audits to ensure waste management controls are maintained.
  • Seeking returnable transit container arrangements to strive for packaging/waste minimisation.

Quality Culture

We pride ourselves at DAL on consistently scoring as best coating supplier for quality with a number of our major and long term customers which is testimony to our quality management system.

We are ISO:9001:2015 accredited and have also been granted Fit For Nuclear (F4N) status by the UK Nuclear AMRC and Manufacturing Advisory Service. We are rigorous in our drive to continuously improve our processes across all functions. Our experienced workforce is a constant support in the process of continuous change.

Diffusion Alloys is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time To ACT Limited.