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We have been supplying diffusion coating services for over sixty years. In 1955, Diffusion Alloys was the first company in the world to launch chromising as a commercial industrial diffusion coating process. Our vision is be the leading provider of coating technologies for clean and renewable technologies.

Our mission is to offer global capacity of highly effective, low carbon-impact coatings for clean and renewable industries.

With over 60 years of embedded knowledge we develop and apply highly effective diffusion coatings that protect against metal degradation to extend the life of our customer's products.

We are at the forefront of applications for clean energy and the hydrogen industry.

  • Large-scale hydrogen generation.
  • Hydrogen electrolysers (SOE).
  • Fuel cells (SOFC).
  • Energy storage.
  • Nuclear.
  • (Concentrating Solar Power).
  • Other specialist life extension.

We develop our coatings and processes to meet the needs of a greener future. Our staff are inquisitive, develop, test, and improve. Together we drive our business forward to meet the global challenges ahead.

We offer a range of diffusion coatings to protect against metal and systems degradation caused by high temperature corrosion, chromium poisoning, metal dusting, sulfidation, oxidation, hydrogen permeation, wear and abrasion.

We design our diffusion coatings to produce the best protection possible and can tackle complex, intricate and large scale components.

For more information on our capabilities, please browse through our Technologies, download our Case Studies and Factsheets or Contact us directly.

Diffusion Alloys is part of Time To ACT. Time To ACT supports the global transition to Net Zero through the development and commercialisation of world-beating clean technologies.

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