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A Milestone Addition to Diffusion Alloys' Coatings Portfolio

DA has added chromium VI free silicon aluminide slurry to it coatings portfolio of diffusion coatings.

This latest addition means Diffusion Alloys can now offer REACH compliant aluminide slurry and silicon aluminide slurry free of hexavalent chromium.

Slurry coatings can be more competitive on turbomachinery components compared to a pack process, particularly on larger components and so by being able to offer both application methods, Diffusion Alloys can offer competitive solutions across a customer’s product portfolio.

Diffusion Alloys had deliberately refrained from using hexavalent chromium compounds in any of its coatings. By adding chromium VI free slurries (silicon aluminide and aluminide) to the portfolio, we are now able to offer coatings that will remain compliant for many years to come.